Z Learning Outcome 7

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Demonstrated ability to evaluate and use technology in teaching English.

Facebook Live Mini Class

Google Forms Student Questionnaire


The Pronunciation Apps Review was created for TESL 525: Teaching English Pronunciation with Dr. Rich Robison in the Spring II session of 2019. In this artifact, I evaluated three mobile apps focusing on pronunciation skills. The Course Design Project was created for TESL 560: Language Program Design with Dr. Tasha Bleistein in the Fall II session of 2019. This artifact incorporates a variety of technology elements, including Google Forms and the VoiceThread app, which are designed to support the online delivery of the course. The Facebook Live Mini Class is one of the videos created for my website, Anderson Language Center. It is representative of the short teaching videos I created using Facebook Live (recorded and later posted to YouTube) as part of my experimentation with online teaching platforms. The Google Forms Student Questionnaire is one example of the use of Google Forms within my Course Design Project.


I have never naturally gravitated toward new technology; in fact, I usually avoid tech trends for as long as possible. Considering this tendency, it is more than a little ironic that I decided to develop an online ESL program. I definitely have a steep learning curve, since prior to working on this course design project I had never worked with Google Forms or VoiceThread. However, I have come to view technology as an essential component of language learning for many adults for whom face-to-face classes are impractical. Although I am often frustrated by the effort required to learn new tech tools, I have come to realize that certain technology has the capacity to solve real problems in learners’ lives and increase access to language learning. In these contexts, technology becomes a necessity rather than an “extra” and allows TESOL practitioners to reach language learners whose needs would otherwise remain unmet.


As I develop courses for Anderson Language Center, I will continue to become more familiar with technology platforms which will allow my students to learn effectively and efficiently. I will seek out tech tools which support course goals, are appropriate to the context and purpose, and are accessible to all learners (Brown 2007). Some of the tools I plan to learn how to use more effectively are: apps (like VoiceThread and others), social media platforms (like Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp), Google tools (like Google Forms and Google Classroom), and my own website, Anderson Language Center. I will seek out tech resource ideas from other TESOL practitioners at conferences (this is how I learned about VoiceThread) and in professional journals, LinkedIn articles, and online courses.

Brown, H. D. (2007). Teaching by principles: An interactive approach to language pedagogy. White Plains, NY: Pearson Education.